Math Now

Grades 1 - 3

Core Resouces including textbook, workbook, and teacher's guide for each grade.

Trillium List recommended resource (Ontario Ministry of Education approved textbooks)

Math Now helps teachers create an environment "that encourages students to explore, take risks, develop, test, discuss, represent and apply." (NCTM Standards).

Math Now is a balanced program designed to support all students in becoming mathematically literate. It balances the need for conceptual development and understanding and the need for practice of procedural skills. It uses a broad range of learning styles to ensure that all students can be successful in their preferred style as well as learn that there are many ways to "do" math.

Math Now addresses the need to communicate understanding by writing and by speaking. Communicating understanding is a strong thread throughout the program and the students are encouraged and directed to share their ways of seeing the numbers and the operations, their mental shortcuts and their problem solving thinking both orally and in writing. The assessment in Math Now provides a number of diagnostic, formative and summative assessment and ensures that teachers are given the support needed to report on the student's progress.


If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow (John Dewey).