Collaborative and Guided Practice

There are about 20 Collaborative Practices in each grade. Students work in small groups and/or whole class in the problem solving activities suggested in these Practices. These encourages them to broaden their understanding of mathematical ideas through sharing and to learn with the support of their peers.

In the classroom, the teacher is there to facilitate the students’ learning. After school, when the students wish to review their materials at home, they have to rely on other resources, be it books or multimedia resources. Short Tutorial Clips are available to help in their math assignments. Students can access these videos using their mobile devices 24 x 7, simply by scanning the QR codes in the book!

Rich tasks are embedded in the Independent Practice which allows students to practise the use of math strategies learnt in the lessons so that they will become more confident in mathematics.

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403b-Comparing and Ordering Fractions

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