Math Now

Grades 4 - 8

Collaborative and Guided Practice

The Collaborative and Guided Practice (CGP) video clip database provides over 100 short clips to support Grades 4 - 8 math learning. These clips are designed to be played on mobile devices and are accessible through QR codes in the books. Through this, students will be able to review materials they have covered that year and in the earlier grades at a time convenient to them. These clips will be available for subscription in September 2014. Please check with our reps for subscription information.


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103d-Count by 2 and Doubling

Exploring doubling as mental math strategies.

106b-Build Numbers

Representing, comparing, and ordering 2-digit numbers according to place values.

203b-Polygon Growing Patterns

Using 2D shapes to build growing patterns

204b-Add in a Different Order

Learning the commutative property of addition

402a-Analysing Data

Analyse data using Stem-and-Leaf plot
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